On this pages you can find lot of useful informations regarding your stay- what is nearby and what is excellent to taste

We have lovely choice of quality restaurants within walking distance:

Every restaurant has much wider selection, but we are strongly advising to try something local. Steak is always steak, so we are not mentioning it like something special.


a)Kvatric resturant- Maksimirska street 9, exit Anastasia to the right- 50 m until end of street and 15 m to the left in big street with tram lines.Open every day 08-24 Nice choice of  croatian cuisine, we are strongly reccomendig to taste some local food:

-Zagorska juha  (mushroom soup in bread plate)

-Pohani sir u pršutu (Prosciutto with cheese fried coated with beer pasta)

-Pileći prutići     (chicken sticks with sesame & dips)

-Mesna trilogija    (meat trilogy)

If you order all this together for 2 persons you will have to be more than hungry to eat all this. Cost is cca 150 hrk or 20 eur total ( cca 10 eur per person)


b) Plavi 9 restaurant -Livadiceva street 35- exit Anastasia to the left, cca 60 m exactly on second  left corner where street ends. Open Monday-Friday 08-23, sat-sun 10-19 h

Homey taverna with simple food and some specialites like our  ”grandmothers “style of cooking- stews and dense soups ( specially good for vegetarians). Nettle soup is a must!

-Ćušpajz od Koprive    (Nettle ( ortica)- dense soup )

-Faširanac od tikvica i krumpira   (zucchini & potato vege steak)

•Grilled vegetables       

•Čobanac       (traditional spicy stew)

•Šestinska pečenica traditional grilled pork tenderloin       

All together ordered price will be around 170 hrk or 22 eur for 2 persons ( or 11 eur per person)


c) Budweiser brewery- Heinzelova street 17 – exit Anastasia to the left, after 30 m turn right for next 50 m till traffic light.Just turn left for cca 50 m and you’re there- garden on the left side clearly marked. Open every day 10-24.  This restaurant is  No1 for grill.Very very tasteful, big portions. On weekends is almost impossible to find table as they are making big partys and celebrations with live music.

If you are pizza fun, they are preparing excellent variation of croatian pizza- Budweiser pizza. Little less baked is better. There is also option with corn flower


d)Macedonian national restarant St Nicolas- Zvonimirova street 78-exit Anastasia to the left till end of street: you will notice tram stop just across. Cross the road and cca 40 m to the left and you’re there ( silver building). If you are fun of something different , it is worth of trying. Fusion of oriental and balcan kitchen. Very nice show with dancing/ live music on weekends. Not cheapest option, but still worthy.


e) Bota Šare sushi & mussel restaurant- Zvonimirova streeta 124- exit Anastasia to the left till end of street: you will notice tram stop just across.  Take any tram foir 2 stops or walk cca 10 min to left direction.Restaurant is exactly on tram stop. Very nice selection of mussels ( they are owning mussel farm in Ston, also nice restaurant in Dubrovnik). Lamb is fantastic. Selection of fresh fish. Little bit pricey.


f) Duksa pizzeria- Duknovićeva 4, next to Maksimir park. Best italian “thin” pizza in town. Just try “Na ovu Dado otkida” and do not ask anything. Enjoy! It is best to combine visit to Maskimir park or Zoo o swimming at Svetice pool and eating after here, as they are so busy and not making deliveries.


g) Ali KeBaba- KEBAB place-  Heinzelova 8- exit Anastasia to left, after 30 m turn right and just across traffic light. Best kebab in town. Open every day 11-04, always crowdy.Sundays and holidays 11-01.


h) Mc Donalds- Kvaternik square- exit Anastasia to right for 60 m and turn left for another 60 m and you’re there. You know what you can find there.


i) Vincek ice cream & pastry – Kvaternikov trg- huge selection of ice creams, delicious cakes. Try strawberry cake or famous cheese cake. Also nice coffe exacly in ceter of sqare, cca 3 min from Anastasia

j) Cookie factory- Nemčićeva street 8- just 1 min from Anastasia towards taxi station. Excellent choice  of brownies combined with ice creams , nice choice of fruit coctails.