Customer reviews


Reviews are important, because they are showing that we are interacting with you, our customers.If something is good – mention it, and if something is wrong- warn us. We are here for you and want to hear your voice.

Anyhow, customers review have also some limitations that you need to have in mind:

  1. We are not here for all tastes. At the end if you can satisfy all- you are not satisfaying none at all
  2. Large number of visitors will result in lower rating. Think about it. Customers from all over world are definitely not having same taste or habits. All major hotel trademarks are having lower ratings then some small accomodations. It is basically good to have customers from all over the world, but this will result in some unmached expectations.
  3. Customer comments are really appreciable, showing their feelings and expectations. Usual customer is not experienced judge and  sometimes is not sure how professional service should  look like- so have a look at comments, not only grades
  4. Be realistic. If you get too much gifts for free, something is wrong…
  5. If you have different types of accomodations in same property, read exact descriptions. It is normal that everyone is promoting on first pages it’s best properties, but do not expect presidential apartment if you’ve booked only standard room