Varaždin-Trakošćan castle

A tour of Varaždin and visit of Trakošćan castle, participation in the creative pottery workshop and the honey – biscuits bakery, an introduction to the traditional trades and crafts. Once you come to this beautiful city of Varaždin full of greenery, culture and architectural treasures you will find yourself in a dilemma as to what see first.


Beautiful Baroque nucleus of the city delights visitors, while the city cemetery one of the most beautiful in  Europe, which has with time acquired the form of a French park is just the place for relaxing, meditative stroll.


Learn how to make pumpkin seed oil, extract honey and make delicious like honey-biscuits or home-baked bread.

Prices and information available upon request

You can make this excursion with your own car or with excursion. In both ways it will take whole day, so basically you have to leave Zagreb around 10 in the morning and will be back yround 19-20 in the evening.Distances are not far, approximately 70 km till first stop, or totally cca 150 km.

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